Topbest24 is a product viewing and advertising website. All products displayed on the site belong to affiliated stores. In these shops the visitor is transferred with an external link for the final transaction.

Final inspection and all transaction procedures are carried out in the store owned by the product, under the responsibility of the parties themselves, and in accordance with the terms and conditions set by each store.

Therefore, for any problems that may arise in the transaction or after, such as refunds, etc., topbest24  has no legal responsibility.

Nevertheless, Topbest24 considers that it has a moral responsibility towards the friends of the site, for any problematic behaviors of its stores, especially when they are repetitive and exceed the limits of the statistical error. That’s why he asks his friends to inform him about it,  so he can determine his attitude and his policies in relation to these stores.

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Topbest24 does not use cookies and other spyware.

The only cookies that may be used, are related to locating the location alone to facilitate informing the visitor and not affecting navigation and safety.

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